A Diary: 15 seconds :: 365 days

Day 8: Staring out the window my eye was caught by the steam blowing from the heating pipe on our home. I stepped outside to capture it. There were birds in the nearby trees and children out for recess at the school across the street - all these sounds were picked up as I filmed the steam clouds.

Day 9: Walking down the street I was struck by the swaying of a person walking ahead of me. Getting my phone ready to film, the screen was pointing at the sidewalk and my feet. I realized this was the video, not the person ahead of me walking.

Day 10: Stepped into the studio early in the morning and saw this play of shadow and sunlight falling on a piece of Fabriano paper that I'd set out for my next drawing.

Day 11: Sitting in the passenger seat of my husband's car as we drove to an Old Oakland restaurant for lunch. I was staring at the sound walls zipping by and realized this was the day's video. I pulled out my phone to catch what I could.

Day 12: Working on a piece in the studio, acutely aware of the sound of the pen on paper scratching away, so I filmed it.

Day 13: Something about the way the rain was hitting the windows in the kitchen nook drew me to them. I found this small edge with drops slowly gliding down the glass.

Day 14: Standing at the studio window staring, my eye eventually was drawn to the water shivering in the bird bath. I stepped outside to film it.