A Diary: 15 seconds :: 365 days

Day 15: The way this video came about is one of my favorites as an example of "trust the flow". This video proved to me that one can court awe to appear every day and it will. Driving to a 3:30 photo shoot I realized I had not found my daily video yet. I became anxious knowing that I'd be in the photographer's studio for the next two hours, possibly longer, that then I'd have to deal with traffic during the drive home, cook dinner, etc. When would I have time and space to notice 15 seconds for a video. Turning the corner where the studio is located I watched my thoughts become annoyed with the box company that moved in across the street about a year ago. Ever since they moved in, parking was less easy and convenient. My thoughts become more anxious and aggravated as it appeared there was not one space near the studio entrance. I was becoming pretty surly, when I saw one small spot I could squeeze my car in, but wasn't sure it was a space in which I was allowed to park. Seeing no signs indicating it was a problem, I turned off the ignition and tried some deep breathes to quell my anxiety over, not only the lack of a video, but that one would not appear. Still sitting behind the wheel of my parked car, I breathed some more to release the surliness and aggravation I was feeling. I looked up and out through the windshield of my car and there in front of me was this exquisite window with some type of knitting machine methodically, rhythmically gliding back and forth. I laughed aloud, then pulled out my phone and shot my 15 seconds.

Day 16: My husband and I were walking from our parked car to 4th Street to have lunch. I said something about liking trains as we passed the intersection where cars were stopped waiting for a long haul train to pass through Berkeley. We kept walking and talking when I abruptly stopped and shouted, "that's my video". My husband said, "Go!" and I ran down the block, turned the corner, ran across the street and whipped out my phone just in time to catch this one.

Day 17: Having lit some white sage in the studio I became transfixed by the movement of the smoke. "That's your video" said the interior voice that has been guiding me since this project began.

Day 18: this is the first day where I had to go looking for a video. Nothing had appeared during my normal moving about the world, so I went out for a walk to see if I could court some awe in the neighborhood. I came upon this vibrant green "weed" growing out of a crack in this culvert wet with rain water.

Day 19: Arrived early for a hair appointment. I was transfixed by the rain falling on my windshield and the light reflections from passing cars.

Day 20:  every morning around 6:30 a.m. we have to put safety cones out to stop crazed parents delivering their kids to the school across the street from blocking our driveway. On the way back through the garden this subtle movement in the shadows caught my eye. I went into the house to get my phone and came back to film it.