A Diary: 15 seconds :: 365 days

Day 21:  not much in the mood for video making and felt the day was running on and nothing appearing. driving home with K. from 4th street I became amused at the juxtaposition of the old-timeyness of Louis Armstrong coming through the 21st century radio of our car as we cruised down a 21st century street in Berkeley so I filmed it.

Day 22:  nothing needs to be written, really about this one. The wild wind, the gorgeous colors swaying wildly in Olema, CA.

Day 23: love this one. I'd grown anxious earlier on a hike to the Point Reyes Light House that I wouldn't find the day's film, so I captured 15 seconds of a hill of grasses growing naturally in symmetrical rows dancing in the intense winds. I posted it but felt unsatisfied. Also, we kept losing reception out there so I was at the mercy of finding a video in a place where I'd be able to post it. Driving from Chimney Rock we found ourselves stopped by cows crossing the road. We sat watching, amused, when that voice came strong: this is your video. I grabbed my phone and filmed. The problem was we had no reception here. Instagram requires you to publish your video fairly soon after recording it or it is lost. I handed the phone to K. and asked him to keep watching for bars indicating we were picking up juice from a satellite, and to keep hitting the post button so we wouldn't lose the cow flick. Drove out to Drake's Bay thinking the cafe, which is now a bookstore, would have wifi to no avail. I took some pictures of giant elephant seals and then we headed back to Point Reyes Station with K. still trying to send the video. Cruising along the winding road my phone finally showed bars so we stopped in the middle of the road and sat there until the video loaded. It was a weird, wild, fun high-tech caper in a place where we go to get away from the 21st century world.