A Diary: 15 seconds :: 365 days

Day 24: full, rushing creek on the Bear Valley Trail in Point Reyes National Seashore.

Day 25: Perfectly caught: Monday morning pick up of the recycling.

Day 26:  walking down College Ave. - a chair hanging in a tree, gently swaying in the breeze.

Day 27: sparkling water being added to a glass at a lunch counter in Oakland.

Day 28: running water to get it hot. guilty about being too lazy to empty the full bucket of a water into the garden and returning with it empty to catch this water as it turns from cold to hot.

Day 29:  back door creaking in the gentle morning breeze.

Day 30:  Morning Doves on a telephone wire.

Day 31: forgotten Christmas lights dangling from a tree on College Ave.

Day 32: a crow and an airplane in the early morning.

Day 33: a man walking up a cool staircase.

Day 34: green tea being poured into a favorite cup.

Day 35: water boiling in a pot.

Day 36: a rushing stream / waterfall in Redwood Regional park.

Day 37: tree in wild bloom with white tulip (?) flowers - sunlight coming through the moving branches.

Day 38: a lady bug on a fence in Redwood Regional park.

Day 39: a heart / peace sign sculpture blowing in the wild morning wind.

Day 40: afternoon sunlight on a hardwood floor.